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>The iPad

>The iPad

When I first heard about the iPad I was thrilled to hear that Apple had entered the feminine hygiene division as I would finally have a reason to buy an apple product! I kept wondering how it would work though. Does it have a drag and drop function so you can place all contents in the recycle bin?

Next item I’m waiting for is the iPon!

Wait… That’s not what the iPad is for?

Still think my idea is more productive.

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Melon Seed
January 31, 2010 9:55 pm

While I can't say much on the absorbency of the product, after reviewing the technical specs of this over sized iPod touch, it is glaringly obvious that Apple has lost it again.I watched the keynote speech by Steve Jobs. To think there is a small compact device that allows you to read a newspaper website and you can carry it around! Amazing!! I've never seen anything do that before….Oh wait… Laptops….Laptops can sit on your lap. No need to hold them up. Laptops are also 3-6 times more powerful than the iPad. My family and I got a laptop for… Read more »