The Last 48 Hours Of Local Stupid

The Last 48 Hours Of Local Stupid

As I mentioned a couple posts up,  a co-worker  died from COVID recently, and so far everything that has unfolded is just like the many other COVID stories I’ve read over the last year. There’s already a GoFundMe in place being organized by her antivax buddies, who still won’t vaccinate even after her “shocking totally unexpected ” death because Jesus or something. In fact, in my grief yesterday I didn’t have time to talk about another interesting thing I learned at work; someone I work with (not recently) went out with COVID while I was on holiday; it’s been  almost a week now apparently, and she has been on the “vaccine is against my religion” warpath like so many others being discussed on a certain reddit, which is totally responsible of her given that, like the other lady, she has kids, and has a few health strikes against her that COVID would have no problems getting acquainted with, if obliged. What happens if she meets the same fate as the other woman? Will that get a GoFundMe too? What if someone else gets it? Is everyone just going to pay for each other’s funeral?

I see it time and time again over at r/HermanCainAward: Asshole posts shitty overposted memes, catches the rona, and then dies, leaving shocked, totally shocked friends and family left to deal with the damage, and creating a GoFundMe for funeral costs and medical bills… much like their stupid ass memes, it is so fucking repetitive that you start to think you’re re-reading threads after awhile.

Why, should I go out of my way to help the very people, who won’t take the necessary precautions to take care of themselves? What about the people they spread it to who’ve actually been trying to take care of themselves, and the people around them? What about kids and infants that have died because of them? What about people with compromised immune systems that have to worry about these asshats that want to sacrifice their souls in exchange for showing off their impressive goatee? For a lot of these asshats claiming to be pro-life, they sure don’t fucking care about anyone else’s.

It’s like trying to get someone to stop self harming themselves with a knife, and having them pull a gun out on you when you ask them to stop, only to ask you to bandage them up when they’re done. Why should we people feel pressured to hand over their hard earned cash for someone who couldn’t be arsed to get a free jab?