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The Only Good Nazi Is A Dead Nazi

The Only Good Nazi Is A Dead Nazi

I felt like playing a BloodRayne game today, but it almost didn’t pan out that way. I tried to play Chapter 13 of BloodRayne Betrayal, but didn’t have the patience for the acrobatics for crossing a gap. Then I thought about BloodRayne 2 but remembered I’m still pissed off at that one too. So I went with the original, and that worked out ok.

I murdered a bunch of Nazis and took out a couple of leaders, killing Nazis is something I never grow tired of… especially in current times where more and more asshats have become comfortable in their bigotry and fascism.It was kinda funny returning to this after playing more modern titles lately, like HZD or Control. I never played any of the BloodRayne games when they came out, but I can feel the nostalgia from the graphics alone, the same kind of vibes I get when playing the old school Quake games or Max Payne. You can feel the era in the audio and the visuals. The more modern, cinematic games have been incredible. But older games still have their charm if you know where to look.

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