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Things that segfault in the night

Things that segfault in the night

Forgive the thumbnail, it’s actually Left 4 Dead that we were playing. See, we had plans to livestream one of the Castlevania games tonight, but instead opted to play a game of L4D together instead, and it was fun! We played a custom campaign together, and were actually impressed by it despite some of its flaws. It was still faaaar better than Nostalgia Critic’s The Wall tribute, that’s fo sho.

I also played a couple of other games today, Anonymous ME being one of those. It’s a side scrolling hack n slash that feels very similar to ICEY, and my god the translation they did for this is worthy of a livestream at some point methinks, it’s as bad as the combat is good. I did have to take a break after approaching the first boss though, sooooo much thumb mashing.

This was taken from AaAaAa a reckless disregard for gravity, from the same indie company that brought us Drunken Robot Pornography, an indie company that I’m sure runs on weed 24/7 when in the development process. This game is basically a stylish falling simulator with other bits of weirdness in it, such as the ability to flip people off or give a thumbs up while falling, unlocking good and bad meditation, and the news that gets reported at midnight every few minutes when it isn’t midnight. Another one I need to add to the list of games I need to stream/finish, though there appears to be not much to it other than to earn teeth (game currency) and unlock different levels.

These are great things to think of before bed…