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This Sunday Was Nothing But Unreal (Engine Games)

This Sunday Was Nothing But Unreal (Engine Games)

An Angry and Fashionable Cabbit Girl readies her blade.

Made it to Level 27 in Soul Calibur VI! I started playing it on my Deck this morning, moved over to the Big Screen TV PC in the afternoon, then finished off on my regular Desktop. It’s nice to be able to progress in a game that I only have to buy once, and I can enjoy it in a multitude of ways. I did more reading up on the modding scene for Soul Calibur VI, and it looks like it has quite the modding community! That’s something I’ll save for another post. I had a wonderful time mashing buttons to my hearts content.

Then later this evening my ol’ buddy Yutram and I dipped our toes into the world of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. It was just the right price during the current Steam Sale, so it only made sense to give it a shot. After all we did enjoy Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep (Which if you haven’t played it yet, you totally should), so why not?

Yutram (Left) and your Overlord (Right)

Unlike the previous Borderlands games, you can make your own custom character from scratch, which can produce some interesting results. Especially when you travel the Overworld:

The Overworld.

We had such a fun time casting spells and collecting enchanted weapons, we made it to Level 4! We’re only just starting off but this already is looking like a lot of fun. It captures the humour of previous Borderlands games – I always like listening to the ridiculous lines the enemies spout as they’re attacking, they probably had the most fun writing up all the dialogue. We’ll have to make another play date for this soon!