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>Thoughts on the whole thing

>Thoughts on the whole thing

Due to recent events I have come to the conclusion that talking on the GOW’s irc server is unsafe. Either the server has been poorly configured thus making it easy for anyone to pull logs from it. Or someone running it is sharing information with their friends. And in doing so they are trying (poorly) to scare me away from the community by having some “stalker” pester me. It seems to fit well enough together with the latest locking of a certain thread over at the MOUL forum. And it is certain someone went through the chatlogs and pulled up discussions and pictures that were exchanged only amongst my friends. So if you think you can talk privately on their server. I wouldn’t go trusting them…

TheFlyOnTheWall or “Flesh” could be traced all the way back to Bend Oregon. Whoever played the role of the “stalker” must be as young as they are foolish. I can almost taste the elitism in the air.

I must have been hitting too close to home in the last entry, seeing as they are now choosing to back off after claiming nothing would stop them. Has the hunter become, the hunted?

I’m sure you can imagine there are worse alternatives.

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Melon Seed
June 1, 2009 4:15 am

I have seen some appallingly low behaviors in the Myst community .. but NOTHING compares to this little bit of bullshit.To deliberately target someone .. anyone .. with a “stalker” .. real or created .. has got to be an all time low .. even for the Myst-snobs.It is as Tomala says .. an attempt to scare her away .. drive her out of the community .. and for what?? They don’t like her and how she does things? TFB folks!!Get over it people .. what is this sick need to drive people out of an ever dwindling Myst community… Read more »

Melon Seed
June 2, 2009 6:25 pm

Just for the record, is not owned by the GOW.Also, there is no way someone can get logs of private or password protected chats, unless they were members of those chats.I think your stalker friend did some extensive internet searches.I think it's GMZ fooling around again with poor timing as usual.