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>Vacation beginith

>Vacation beginith

Got home today after the evil 4 letter word ended. Then I went over to PB’s for awhile (made some salad dressing for her). Then we decided to go shopping for awhile. Went back to her place and then we walked down to the docks. It turns out there’s an entire colony of feral cats that are cared for there by the humane society. This skinny little kitten came up to us to say hello. Left me tired…

Time to collapse.

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Melon Seed
July 26, 2009 10:51 am

Hallo awesome PB! Hallo skinny kitteh! I wish I could adopt all the homeless kittehs so I could feed them a lot and then get all spayed or neutered! WheeeTram!!!It must be your animial attraction showing again, OverlordTram!!!! Hehehehe!I hope you have a marvelous vacation- wheeeees!!!