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x58 and Vega64 don’t play well on Windows 10

x58 and Vega64 don’t play well on Windows 10

As I mentioned in a small blurb on Friday; I had issues plugging in my graphics card into my current motherboard. At first I thought Windows 10 was installing a bad driver, but after some messing around and reading teh interwebz it became clear this is a widespread issue for people who are still running on an x58 chipset. There are two ways to get around it though: I can either go back to Windows 7 where this problem doesn’t exist, or upgrade my hardware. My choice is a pretty obvious one.

As I’ve previously mentioned a few posts ago, I already planned to upgrade anyway. Fortunately I have enough money set aside and have already ordered the parts needed to get myself situated. I have a Ryzen 7 2700X, ASRock X470 Taichi and 16GB of G-SKILL Flare X series memory on the way. This will be my first all AMD build since the 90’s. it should go without saying that overall I’m pretty stoked. :meeseeks: In some ways I’m kinda bummed, my audio setup is going to have to change. I run a Sound Blaster XFi Titanium Edition with an external breakout box, and I’ll be giving up two SATA slots (I’ll have 8 instead of the 10). For now I can use my Shure X2U DAC (digital analog converter) to run my microphone into the system until I decide what sound card solution to go with, or if I should just get a larger USB DAC, or if the onboard audio is well enough to plug my speakers into.

Overall this will be a great learning curve. I look forward to playing and rendering, the 2700X is an absolute beast when it comes to games and even moreso when it comes to rendering. Since I do a lot of video rendering every little bit helps. :happy:

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Melon Seed
May 14, 2018 2:32 pm

Guess you got an excuse to buy it now. Not that you needed one :trollface:
Glad you got an all amd build let us know how you like it :melon: