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You Got Team Fortress 2 In My Serious Sam!

You Got Team Fortress 2 In My Serious Sam!

I wanted to start this weekend with some silliness. Yutram and I went onto one of the Serious Sam Workshops (Fusion 2017 specifically) and decided to mix things up by playing with TF2 weapons in survival and co-op. It was fun, and in some ways really educational.

Aside from having a couple TF2 mods installed I also have a separate double jump mod, and as an added side effect I can somewhat jump infinitely around any map. It isn’t perfect; sometimes the jump button will stop working, but since there is no fall damage you can just jump back up to your heart’s content.

I mainly played with the Scout and Engineer modes. There was something about jumping around the map avoiding enemies that seemed fun to me, as well as dropping sentries in certain areas while I ate my ice cream and watched Mental’s minions die.

I anticipate that we will have to stream this.