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>You know people are bored when…

>You know people are bored when…

People revive dead threads.

In case it gets deleted here are some fun comments.


I would not respond to an attitude such as that inthe first post either

Any rational and good intentioned person would understand that Cyan is doing all that they can and always has.

I am glad i have not wasted any time reading most of this thread, from what I see, it is a continuation of the sort of posts that have saddened many of us, and make me glad we dont have to pay any attention to this negative and angry attitude.


That dead horse tender enough yet?


A good pezzetti di cavallois and a fine Chianti is quite succulent.


Wow, CrisGer, what exactly was the point of bringing this topic back from the dead? it was last posted in just under a month ago… Oh, that’s right, I forgot, you wanted to troll. Call it what you want, but, where I come from, that’s blatent trolling.

 You’d think as often as CrisGer dry humps the MOUL forum that he wouldn’t have waited a month to post in that thread.


Looks like that thread finally got edited.

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Melon Seed
January 20, 2010 6:23 am

I wonder how long it would have last on its own… (^;