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>A Dejavu post.

>A Dejavu post.

I was reading this thread and decided to dust off an old chestnut of a rant I wrote last year and tweaked it slightly since it’s pretty much the same situation.

We the Uru purists should be in charge of this new Uru. But we face a problem.

It’s clear that when we’re this outnumbered by non canon people who want to make nonsense, run around in colored skin or as upside down flying bahro, we have to rule the non canon through intimidation. That’s why the single most important thing we can do as cavern purists is dominate and decide all fan ages and do all the thinking for the fans. For we know what’s good for everyone. Need MORE proof?

“Let us join together and to rule over content upon sea and sky from hard disk to hard disk”- Joe The Greeter 4002.

I’d say that about covers it. Because if we don’t dominate the non canon people, you’d better believe they will be dominating us!!! Imagine if you will, someone making a YouTube video from this idea.

“As the shards churn” – By Overlord Tomala.

One liner: What if the haxxors won and we surrendered to our “fellow” community members?

Tag line: “It’s just like MOUL! Only at our fingertips!!!”

Where: Any fan run server you want to go to

When: The near future! All hail the shard owners once again! All having the ability to do as they did in MOUL, only now them and their team of haxx0rs have source code at their fingertips. Their first project is to engineer purple laser guided loaves of French bread to defend themselves from the flying lima bean infestation.

Our heroine (the overlord, who in this story, plays an ordinary equal), has linked to Eder Kemo on one of the fan run servers, only to find that someone turned the brain trees into singing jellyfish, the puffer plants into giant turkey basters, and the pond water into lime jello. Fearing for her life she links to Ae’Gura, only to find King Kong and a T Rex knocked the Arch over in a verbal fight to see who is more right than the other.

Some shards are giving lessons in D’ni, but only one shard is giving lessons in Sheepish.

When all hope seems to be lost, Tomala teams up with the last surviving leaders from the last reign of power. And they create the meter room shard.

The end.