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Back 4 Blood: 1st Impressions

Back 4 Blood: 1st Impressions

Yutram and I decided to check out Back 4 Blood tonight. He just recently got it during the Halloween Sale on Steam, and I’ve had it for awhile but never got around to playing it. Given that it’s Hallow’s Eve, we figured this would be the perfect night to check it out!

It’s like a mix of Left 4 Dead, Borderlands 2, and a similar reward system you find in Quake Champions. It has a card system that will buff or de-buff your game on each level, and each character has different stats and abilities. You can also purchase additional improvements for your character and weapons before each match, kinda like Counter Strike, or would it be Terror Strike in this case? 😛 We had a good time playing tonight, and now that we have an idea of how to play the game we’ll have to play it again soon.

Thus concludes another Spooktober! It’s been fun keeping to a theme, pretty easy with my collection… did I actually finish any games? No, but I did progress in a lot of them and earned the achievements to prove it! I even started some new adventures. Maybe tomorrow I’ll celebrate with something that may or may not be spooky.

Options – I haz them.

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Melon Seed
November 1, 2023 8:36 am

I quite enjoyed Back 4 Blood. It didn’t give off the same impression Left 4 Dead did when it first launched but I found it to be a fun game with some cool features. Never understood why people gave it a hard time.