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My Time Off Therapy Continueth

My Time Off Therapy Continueth

It’s been a nice chill kind of day, evening now… in both weather and in vibes. I set another virtual stage for a future video, brain stormed some story ideas with Yutram, and we even went on a trip to Egypt tonight!

At one point we had two strangers join us, but they both ducked out before we made it to The Great Pyramid. As usual we had a wonderful time!

Other than that I FINALLY got some packages today for myself, and for a friend’s care package I’ve been waiting to box up. 🙂 I’ll probably finish that up either tonight or tomorrow. I can’t say what I got for my friend, but I did get myself some new teas! I found a Hawaiian Earl Grey that sounded intriuging. Plus a grapefruit jasmine. I haven’t tried them yet, it’s been a vanilla coconut white tea kind of day. Thanks to my time off I’m starting to feel energized! I even made a super important poll over at Mastodon!

Or something…

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