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Back 4 Blood is Better Than Florida

Back 4 Blood is Better Than Florida

We had rain today! Perfect weather for trying out some of the new blueberry tea I stocked up on! I usually drink a black tea with blueberry, but also decided to try a green tea with blueberry. It also has hibiscus and some other stuff, extremely refreshing!I finished assembling the super secret care package, vibed to some music, did a bit of animating, and played a couple acts of Back 4 Blood with Yutram.

We had a better time getting around tonight, this time there was less dying. We dialed back the difficulty so that we could find our way around better. Did a better job of taking in the sights, and crossed some achievements off our list. I still like the Left 4 Dead’s better, but tonight I think Back 4 Blood grew on me a little bit more.

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