Cutting loose in Shadow Warrior 2

Cutting loose in Shadow Warrior 2


So far I have really been enjoying the sequel to the 2013 Shadow Warrior. That has been my primary distraction for yesterday/tonight, and much like the other Flying Wild Hog games it’s been quite a treat. The changes they’ve made since their last release seem to remind me of Skyrim/Fallout/Borderlands in terms of crafting and weapon capabilities. You can also “enchant” your weapons, and replace them at anytime with better ones. There’s lots of weapons that can be purchased and found in drops. Not quite like Borderlands or Fallout but close enough to keep me entertained.


The visuals don’t disappoint. Aside from the satisfying First Person Slash and Shooting aspect there is a lot of detail to drink in, there’s even diaries and notes you can pick up from either exploring the levels or from random drops. I’ve been enjoying a good read whenever I either get stuck at a certain point or if I just don’t feel like doing much else.

And despite sneaking in NVidia gameworks I haven’t had much of an issue with optimization. I’m running the game fullscreen on highest settings, and I seem to stay above 60FPS. My framerate seems to average in the 80’s, which I think could be better tbh since Hard Reset Redux and the 2013 Shadow Warrior had a higher framerate with the same visual quality, but that’s plenty enough for if I want to record. Although I have noticed some lag when I hack and slash a bunch of debris on the screen. And believe me, there have been points where I have lots of body parts flying across the screen. There was even a point tonight where I had been slashing on a dead demon for a good minute before realizing it had been dead for awhile… I seem to have taken quite a liking to games that let you cut things to tiny pieces. I guess I’ll have to place this on my laptop for those hectic days where I want to vent.