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Diary of a PC nerd.

Diary of a PC nerd.

Picked up the laptop from work tonight. It’s an old IBM thinkpad with 512 MB of RAM and running an old Intel P4 1.8 processor. Not bad for an internet appliance. Turns out it was running XP Pro SP1 so he was in better shape than I imagined. He had one of those run of the mill programs that posed as an antivirus program that wanted you to upgrade to the full version to remove infections from the system. For some reason renaming the executable to shit.shit made it die. The bastards were sneaky too. He complained that whenever he went to start any web browser it would go to that site. It turns out it wrote hooks into the registry to load that webpage whenever Firefox or Internet Exploder started. Sneaky bastards…

5 total infections on the system. Malwarebytes cleaned that up with no trouble at all. I still have a ways to go on it but will save that for tomorrow. I have to get a hold of him and tell him how much I’ll be charging. This’ll be one case where I won’t go into work if I get called in. I’ll be too busy working on that system.

Speaking of computer problems. My L4D1 dedicated server seems to be acting strange as of late. I’ve been adding new maps and it won’t let me connect with a lobby if I use them. But if I load the default maps or even ones that have been sitting on the server that I’ve played before it lets me connect via lobby tomorrow. If I have time I may have to look into that as well. I’ve tried twice within the last few nights to play some new campaigns so I can film them for Season 2 of You Can’t Do That On XBox and am getting rather annoyed.

Hand me a wrench! I’ll wang on those fuckers.