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Evening Open Thread

Evening Open Thread

Well, with a bunch of time cramming and dealing with a bunch of crashes (in premiere pro) I finished the episode. I’ll encode it tomorrow after work and it’ll be released on time. Guess I need to have more faith in myself.

Time for me to power down for the night. It’s fucking hot tonight! It’s 77 degrees outside which feels great. Makes me wish I wasn’t going to lay down early. I hate sleeping when it’s warm. Hope everyone else had a good day, and if not… Sorry.

Oh, and before I head off. Just remember that if you own any flotation devices, keep them away from pedos:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

HAMILTON – A repeat public indecency offender has been arrested for allegedly engaging in “sexual activity” with a pink inflatable swimming pool raft, according to Hamilton police.

Edwin Charles Tobergta, 32, was arrested at his Harmon Avenue home early Sunday after he was spotted in the act in an alley in the 1800 block of Howell Avenue behind a residence, a police report shows.