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>First post of the new year

>First post of the new year

I’ve been meaning to get around to this, but you know… Not much to write about. Things are going alright with me, etc.

New years eve was great, I didn’t have to work at all. And even better I didn’t have to be in until 4:00 the next day! There was much booze and snackage to go around. My new years resolution is the same one I do every year, don’t make one.

I decided to pull out the ol bamboo steamer tonight for an experiment. Grape leaves with a spicy rice stuffing. That should go nicely with my tension tamer tea. I like drinking that when I’m not feeling right.

We had a little surprise this evening. The hot water valve for the washer decided to spurt out. Luckily it was caught before a flood could happen. It was just a largeish puddle by the time I got down there to take the stuff out.