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Flying Air Overlord

Flying Air Overlord

Made two perfect runs tonight in Whisker Squadron Survivor! Even with the cursed choices I had to select during the run I still managed to make it through every zone, twice! Maybe one of these nights I’ll Twitch stream it! I was looking at additional Twitch plugins and I see that it has one for Whisker Squadron Survivor that allows the audience to choose my fate, when prompted of course.

I didn’t have time to do anything adventurous gaming tonight, been continuing my spring cleaning session. This time I cleared the upper part of my desk. I’ll probably clean the rest of the desk tomorrow, it has a lot of surface area to clean. That and reorganizing… I was looking at the collection of software I’ve accumulated over the years, and some of it I see no reason in keeping anymore. Programs like Adobe and older stuff that I have no reason to use anymore, thanks to better and more modern Open Source alternatives. Those will have to wait for another day, much like what remains on what feels like an infinite to-do list. At least I’m never bored tho. 😛

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