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Fun & Fantasy

Fun & Fantasy

Sunday is always my recharge day, and I needed it. An orange kitty made sure I got plenty of rest, and I treated myself to a breakfast bowl with ingredients from last night’s dinner. We had our usual weekend BG3 sesh! We defeated a Witchy Biznitch and are currently making our way to a monastery. We fought some explosives drunks and demon cats along the way.

I also made time to do a little bit of animating this afternoon. I haven’t touched SFM for about a week, needed to scratch that animators itch. It’ll still be awhile, but I think I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on this one… maybe after another week or two. I’m planning to release it next month, so no rush. I might even put in a little more time before calling it a night. The more I pour into it, the less I’ll have to do later.

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