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The Deadly Trinity

The Deadly Trinity

Trinity Fusion was one of the games I had fun with during Steam Nextfest last year, enough that I ended up buying it.Of course, in my usual fashion I lost sight of it while juggling bunches of other games. But now I’m actually making time for it!

Trinity Fusion is a rougelike/metroidvania combo, though more roguelike than metroidvania – that takes place across three different parallel worlds. You play Maya, and you are connected to your three alternate selves, each with their own special set of abilities.

It’s just as well that I’ve chosen to take my time with this one, as the reviews say that it’s actually a short game. I am happy to support an indie company though, and it does have good battle mechanics. Plus it’s also verified for Steam Deck! I’ll have to load it onto my Deck for some lunch time brawling.

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