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>Fun with strangers.

>Fun with strangers.

The following is a chatlog from a steam chatroom. I get this question all the time. This is how I deal with it.

6:20 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: whatver hey i got a question you are a guy right or girl
6:20 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Yes
6:20 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: yes what
6:21 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Yes. I am
6:21 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: 😛
6:21 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: you are what
6:21 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: I’m a Tomala
6:21 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: tomala wtf
6:21 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: i asked if you are a girl or guy
6:21 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: And I am
6:21 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: you are a girl
6:21 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Or am I…
6:22 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: omfg
6:22 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: its a simpls question
6:22 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: just say guy or girl
6:22 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Ye, yes it is
6:22 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: THEN you are a guy
6:23 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Dude, this is the internet 😛 If I told you I was a girl you’d think I was a guy
6:23 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: And if I told you I was a guy, you’d think I was a guy
6:23 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Because girls don’t play PC game. It’s the rules of the internet
6:24 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: ericroft is a girl you idoit and she plays  L4D2
6:24 PM – M_I_N_D_F_R_E_A_K I AM OUT: …
6:25 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Suuuuure
6:25 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: everybody can play what they wish they want to play idoit
6:25 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: And I suppose this group I’m in is a bunch of “girls”
6:26 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: if they say there girls they are or there just gay people
6:27 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Peronally I don’t care what they are. I just like playing for fun
6:28 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: kk whatever
6:29 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: but really are you a girl or guy cuase of the profile pic you have
6:29 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: I like men… There I said it.
6:31 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: O_o hmm
6:31 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: i still dont get you
6:31 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: just say girl or guy god dammit
6:31 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: But that’s not nearly as fun 🙁
6:33 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: ok, I’ll gie you a hint. I’m dressing up as Nick for halloween.
6:33 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: guy???
6:34 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Either that or a girl who likes to yell asshat at any given chance…
6:34 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: omg gimma me a better hint
6:34 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: do you like shevas ass or like chrises abs
6:35 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Ok… I know how to create animations in 3DStudioMax, AND use SourceSDK for machinima purposes
6:35 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: I also know how to run a linux dedicated server
6:35 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: fuck i said do you like shevas ass or chrises abs
6:35 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: I’d answer if I knew who those people were
6:38 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: do you like ellis abs or zoeys ass
6:38 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Zoey doesn’t have an ass. Ellis doesn’t really have any abs showing…
6:40 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: omfg
6:40 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: just answer the question
6:42 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: I did 😀
6:43 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: ohh you re a girl then okay
6:43 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Sure, if that makes you happy. Go ahead
6:44 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: omg
6:44 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: just answer it
6:44 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: oky here an easy one
6:44 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: 50/50 chance
6:44 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: do you like john cenas abs o
6:45 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Ok, another clue. My friends call me Tom.
«тмя» BAD entered chat.
6:46 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Hey BAD
6:47 PM – «тмя» BAD: Hey Tom!
6:47 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: hey Lemon, BAD knows what I am
6:51 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: SHUT UP AND ANSWER ME
6:51 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: I would if it wasn’t already that easy to find out…
6:51 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: okay you are a guy damn
6:51 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: If you say so.
6:51 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: but why do you have a girls anime pic in you’re profile
6:51 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: FUCK
6:52 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: i am going to stlk you and find out okay
6:52 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: I know guys that do that because they happen to think the chick is awesome, hot or awesomely hot
6:52 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: I use guys on occasion too. You could say I go both ways…
6:53 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: -.- you are a guy or girl just answer i am to curios please tell me
6:54 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: I don’t exactly hide who I am. Maybe if you looked around a little.
6:58 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: thamn tell me pwease
7:02 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Teh intertubz
7:03 PM – «тмя» BAD: And back!
7:03 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: welcome back bod
7:03 PM – «тмя» BAD: Lost my internets for a bit. :
7:03 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: bod and I like to go on drunken L4D games
7:04 PM – «тмя» BAD: Indeed.  Tonight will be great!
7:04 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: I have supplies for rum n coke, and screwdrivers
7:04 PM – «тмя» BAD: Excellent!
★Sephiros★ entered chat.
7:04 PM – «тмя» BAD: I’m on my third glass of wine and I havebeer for later.
7:04 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: And dinner is almost ready. So soon we
7:04 PM – «тмя» BAD: Yes!
7:04 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: lolz tell me
7:04 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: And Lemon still has no idea.
7:05 PM – «тмя» BAD: Tell you waht Lamon?
7:06 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: no i am telling to tell me to slacker
^Sykes^[Fr-49] entered chat.
7:07 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: C’mon… It ain’t that hard lemon XD
7:07 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: guy?
7:07 PM – «тмя» BAD: Tell you what tho?
7:07 PM – «тмя» BAD: Oh that still?
7:07 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: guy?
7:07 PM – «тмя» BAD: Is she a guy?
7:08 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: idk
7:08 PM – «тмя» BAD: Or is he a girl?
7:08 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: idk
7:08 PM – «тмя» BAD: I know.
7:08 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: BAD still couldn’t figure it out when we met in person
7:08 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: we did?
7:08 PM – «тмя» BAD: Yeah Tom had to tell me.
7:08 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Here, I’ll post a picture of myself
7:08 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: kk
7:08 PM – «тмя» BAD: XD
7:09 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala:
7:09 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: you got to be shittng me
7:10 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: how the fuck can we know that
7:10 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: That is deffo my nose
7:11 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: i think its a guy what do you
7:12 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: fuck just tell me
7:12 PM – «тмя» BAD: OK she’s a guy.
7:12 PM – «тмя» BAD: There I said it!
7:13 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Do you have some kind of bet going? Because if you’re on the winning side I want in on it
7:13 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: kk
7:14 PM – xXLemon_TartXx: guy you are gay for having a girls pic in you’re profile
7:14 PM – [Șlȁȼĸəʀ]«тмя»Tomala: Which is why I told you I have a thing for dudes.
7:15 PM – «тмя» BAD: Yeah she is totally gay.  I mean he….um….wait…..

Some people like to shout their gender out for everyone to know, others try to make people think they’re something they’re not. Me? I won’t hide, but I’ll have fun in the meantime. This guy could have easily gone to my steam profile and found my YouTube and blog. That info alone could have told him.

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youwhore (Kumah)
youwhore (Kumah)
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