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>Hai again

>Hai again

Well here we are. I am back from work full of ire and tuna bake.

Yes! You guessed it, my first (full) installment of my blogginshins.

First of all. I love coffee. I know, this is a revelation. I also really love tuna bake. Especially when it has those crunchy onions on top…….mmmm….mmmmm.

Unlike other blogs, I intend to push the limits of blogging. I intend of showing you me, naked and unblocked by trivial blather. So lets do it!

Tuna bake is good! Seriously, try some. Get yourself some of that tuna helper and make it. DON’T forget the crispy onions!! You’ll be sorry.

I drink a lot of coffee. I mean at least 6 cups a day. Maybe I should cut back? Nah….

Ever notice that some people have large foreheads? Some people it looks like they have almost no forehead at all! What is up with that?

Bottle caps. Think about it.

Here’s a great story…..

There once was a princess in a far of city called Beverley Hills. Her name was Pamela Anderson. She was originally from a barren frozen wasteland called Canada. She was the most beautiful princess to ever schlep for a crappy beer company and this launched her to super stardom.

Well, OK it got her a part in an exploitive show about sexy people in skin tight bathing suits. This was OK cause she got to work with David Hasselhoff. Who, when standing next to her, made her look even more gorgeous.

Eventually she met a prince named Tommy Lee. He was the most courageous prince in all the land. He played the drums for a band that wore girls makeup.

He gave her hepatitis. The end.

I know, really good stuff. It’s gonna be in my book of children’s stories. Don’t worry they are not all as doom and gloomy as that one. Some are much darker. Kids love that stuff!!

Anyway, I think I mentioned I like tuna bake earlier, but I think it bears another go. Tuna bake is good.

Well the alcohol is now fighting the caffeine. Time to relax and unwind. I hope you enjoyed this little interlude. 🙂

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Melon Seed
January 12, 2009 5:57 pm

Finally – something to stuff into my “stuff I didn’t know” file.Bless you, BAD.

Melon Seed
January 12, 2009 5:57 pm

Ooh, how I love a happy ending, thanks for the story of the princess.The tuna bake sounds good, especially with the crunchy onions.My forehead is medium size, with my full complement of hair (still) thank you.

GuildMaster Grand Poobah Shogun Comrade Divine Saint Overlord Tomala
Melon Seed
January 12, 2009 7:25 pm

Glad yer enjoying some shit on a shingle d00d!!! 😀