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Happy Thanksgiving! Thank god it’s not Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank god it’s not Black Friday

Worked a small shift today. It wasn’t crazy busy though I did get quite a few surges from time to time. It was mostly people window shopping for Black Friday. Thank god I won’t be participating in that. Not working, not shopping. I refuse to partake in anything Black Friday unless it’s online. You can’t get trampled on the internet, though you might bring websites down in large surges. 😛

Speaking of Black Friday I was catching up on my RSS feeds and came across this video. Made me thankful that I live in a small town. Seriously this looks like something out of Left 4 Dead 2:

I loved the comments for that video. I agree that this sort of thing makes us look horrible. We act like a bunch of fucking savages fighting for so called “good deals”. Trampling and shoving each other because the device/appliance/scarf/whatever has much more value than the person you knocked over for it. We shouldn’t be allowed to encourage this kind of behavior. Seriously if you’re the kind of person to behave like that I hope someone’s stiletto pierces your lung. It’s the fucking hunger games.

Oh well… Enough ranting. We all know that most corporations over here are too busy rubbing money on their tender nipples to give a flying fuck. I might as well enjoy this Thanksgiving special. I feel old for watching it. I remember when it was brand new. 🙂 Good ol MST3K: