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I can’t believe people fall for this.

I can’t believe people fall for this.

I had fun with an asshat posing as a VAC manager. Here are the results:

3:11 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): new legal weapons pack for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and free games in
Killing From entered chat.
Killing From left chat.
HanCOCk is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
HanCOCk entered chat.
3:15 AM – HanCOCk: hii
3:15 AM – Kuja ‘,,’: Hiya
3:15 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): hi
3:15 AM – Kuja ‘,,’: I am of to bed to tired tonigght night all
3:15 AM – Kuja ‘,,’: ZZzZZZzz
3:16 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): lol
Oo>B.B<oO [H.K] left chat.
Kuja ',,' left chat.
3:16 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): look for all of you
3:16 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): also 5 minutes
3:16 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): no more time
3:16 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): new legal weapons pack for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and free games in
3:16 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): take all free cost here
3:16 AM – YamiTomala: Hey VAC… How come your steam link doesn't trace back to steam? It doesn't even go the same route
perdator-rus entered chat.
perdator-rus left chat.
3:17 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): because its a promotion private
3:17 AM – YamiTomala: Even valve promotions spoint to the same address
3:18 AM – YamiTomala: Plus the link you provide has no https on it
3:18 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): t35 team treefive for us
4uuu entered chat.
3:19 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): also 3 minutes remaning
4uuu left chat.
3:19 AM – YamiTomala: Let me guess, you want my name and password? Because I can give it to you
3:19 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): ???
3:19 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): name and password?
3:20 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): do you think i'm a *******
3:20 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): see my profile
3:20 AM – YamiTomala: No, more like an idiot idiot idiot idiot
3:20 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): here you find who i am
3:20 AM – YamiTomala: You don't even type like a valve employee
3:21 AM – HanCOCk: bhai
3:21 AM – YamiTomala: You type like a 12 year old that wants accounts.
3:21 AM – HanCOCk: ne 1 knws hw much kinzu costs?
3:21 AM – YamiTomala: And if you're VAC how come you only have 8 games?
3:21 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): lol i'm not VALVE Employer, i' m VALVE V.A.C. Manager
3:21 AM – YamiTomala: You need to go back and mastser your bait…
3:22 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): i have all accounts i like
3:22 AM – YamiTomala: So you say…
HanCOCk left chat.
oodey1 entered chat.
3:22 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): this have all the games i' play i don't need more
3:22 AM – YamiTomala: You probably change it to mama's boy when you're not phishing for accounts
3:22 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): lol?
oodey1 left chat.
3:22 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): time's out
3:23 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): promotion over
3:23 AM – YamiTomala: Ohhh darn. I'm sooooo sad nao.
3:23 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): yes
3:23 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): one more thik
3:23 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): you desrrespect a valve manager so your steam will be desactivated
3:23 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): bye
3:23 AM – YamiTomala: Really. You can tell by the emphasis I'm using that I'm truly, truly sad that I missed out on such a realistic promotion.
3:23 AM – YamiTomala: Yeah, like I haven't heard that one before…
3:24 AM – Razer V.A.C. (Manager): see the rulles
3:24 AM – YamiTomala: Go back to your basement and jerkoff like the fuckwit that you are.
Razer V.A.C. (Manager) left chat.


A different person came in afterwards with the same spelling to say the following:

^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje entered chat.
3:31 AM – ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje: that vac guy
3:31 AM – ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje: desactivated my account
3:31 AM – ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje: you insulted him and my was desactivated
3:32 AM – ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje: you i have your id and i will report the error
3:32 AM – ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje: by
3:32 AM – ^1|FNC| ^2Koek^4Trommeltje: * bye

Oh teh noez! I iz gunna get mah account desactivated!!! Oh teh h0rr0rz!!!!