Ruining It For Everyone Else Since 2004
>I know who you are…

>I know who you are…

Remember that stalker we had here at the blog awhile back? The one that left 2 days after saying he’d never leave me alone? I know who he is now. I’m not going to say who yet, but I’m not completely surprised.

Here’s a clue. He’s simulcasted on MystBlogs, and what’s sad was that I had no problem with this guy. I actually considered his blog to be a fun and interesting read. But for some strange reason he decided to pull that stalker shit over here. You’re not a dark and mysterious person. You’re a fat dumbshit that’s angry because you haven’t been able to find your happy spot since you were 4. And since you’re too fucking huge to leave your room, you do shit like this in your spare time when you’re not making pictures of what you like to do with a banana squash.

I should thank you for making it very easy to find you. I saved your ISP and IP address when you visited the slackers chat room. And strangely enough it matched perfectly when I did a whois on you during Mysterium in CyanChat. Really, thank you for laying out the red carpet for me.

And another thing. If you so much as respond to anything over here I will post who you are, what blog you run, what your IP address is and what ISP you go through.

I think I’ve made my point. Stay away or there’s going to be a big bashing with your name all over it.