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Land Of Electrical Boogaloo

Land Of Electrical Boogaloo

Another weekend has come and gone. Sometimes just two days off in a row doesn’t seem like enough, but I think I’m mentally ready to head back into work tomorrow. Last week left me with both emotional and physical fatigue that I won’t go in depth talking about, but I hope this week will. Hunting bandits and machines has helped get my mind off of things, if only for a small time. I spent the last bit of my evening wandering the frozen wilds. Went up a couple of levels and completed quite a few sidequests.

I had the pleasure of repairing a Tallneck, and then climbing it. Then I also had fun taking out a settlement of bandits. I’ll probably take a break from it for now, been fun playing this over the weekend, but I’ll probably move onto something else tomorrow.

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