Memorial Day/Night Open Thread

Memorial Day/Night Open Thread

Happy Memorial Day!… evening.

I’ve pretty much spent the day in bed. My shoulder is continuing to give me grief, in fact parts of my hand and arm get a strange cold numb feeling. It’s at the point now where I’ve had to use a sick day to see a doctor tomorrow. I know it’s just a pinched nerve, but two days off of work doesn’t seem to be enough to get my shoulder to stop yelling at me.

I think a couple things that would help would be to replace my old mattress, and get a new computer chair. Something comfortable but ergonomic perhaps.

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Dieter Maggs
Melon Seed
June 1, 2021 4:16 am

Damn, sorry to hear that.
I hope you’re feeling a bit better today and it all clears up soon!

Dieter Maggs
Melon Seed
Reply to  OverlordTomala
June 1, 2021 11:57 pm

That’s not too bad then, at least you got something lined up that will be able to help.
Don’t overwork yourself if you’re not up to it. They may need you sure but your health is more important.