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More Answers Than Questions

More Answers Than Questions

The more I play of this, the more questions I find needing an answer. Last night I uncovered a good chunk of why the world has been thrown back to tribalism, and as I expected it goes all the way back to corporations fucking things over. FARO in this universe is basically Tesla if Elon went too fucking far. They manufactured “Peace keeping machines” that were used for war, and were able too replicate themselves using organic organisms. The amount of lawsuits and problems I’ve found strewn throughout the data logs pokes fun at how a big corp fucked things up for the whole world.

Then I’m also left wondering… who is this woman who looks like Aloy? Is she a mother? Or is she an ancestor from what they refer to as “The Old World”? The holograms and data are from centuries ago in this universe, and it makes it all the more interesting. Each time I come back to this game I gain about ten questions for every one or two answers I find. It’s almost like having my own interactive soap opera to play!

Next time I play I’m poised to solve another cauldron. I came close to doing it tonight, but I reached the final chamber right as it was time to call it quits.

To be continued, I guess. 😛