My Journey Ends Just To Begin Again

My Journey Ends Just To Begin Again

I finished NieR Replicant… kinda, not really. I finished Ending A, and it was a real kick in the pants. This game is truly a masterpiece in knowing when to make you laugh and when to really feel. I’m really glad I decided to shelve Automata to finish this first. Now when I go back to playing it I’ll have a better idea of piecing the story together.

When you re-open your save after finishing the game, and you get through half an hour’s worth of recapping from the first playthrough you’re dropped off in your house where you’ll find the diary of NieR’s mother. Touching it takes you to a white room, where you’re seeing things from the perspective of Papa NieR. Every door you enter in this white realm is a chapter in the Mother’s diary. It’s very similar to Devil May Cry’s Bloody Palace; it drops you off in an area you’ve already cleared, and the purpose is to get through each chapter without dying. If you’re successful you’ll get a reward at the end of each chapter, like character costumes and weapons.

I do have to say that I can recommend this game to anyone that likes a good hack n slash. It’s beautiful, it has a very unique story, it’s funny, and you can grow watermelons in your own garden! Platinum did a wonderful job remastering it, and bringing it to PC! I look forward to playing this game again soon!

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Detective Sadist
Melon Seed
April 11, 2022 12:30 am

I’ve played a little of Nier Automata but haven’t made much progress, just to the little camp of people in the ruined city where they give you side missions.
Would you say that I should play Replicant before continuing on or should I just keep going? 🙂

Detective Sadist
Melon Seed
Reply to  OverlordTomala
April 11, 2022 11:59 pm

Thank you, I may have to do that then. I’ve got quite a list to get through of games at the moment so I’ll see about Replicant when it comes down on sale and go through that before Automata.
Cheers for the info, sounds like it will be a better experience doing it your way. 🙂