NieRing The End Of My Vacation

NieRing The End Of My Vacation

It was a cold afternoon, and it only felt right to heat the living room with a proper game. I’ve been playing through NieR Automata, this time taking my time on the 2B story-line to make sure I get as many quests out of the way as possible. I’ve already found a couple characters that I don’t remember seeing on my previous playthrough:

I was hopping from building to building, when I noticed in the distance a lone machine on a neighbouring rooftop. When making the jump over a surrounding barrier surrounded us with the puny machine. After kicking his ass he introduces himself as Father Servo; a lone machine monk, and this rooftop is his dojo. He’s already sent me on a few quests as “payment” for the ass kicking that he kept asking of 2B and 9S. Every time I doubled back around in between side quests I would usually find a bigger more badass Father Servo:

This last fight took a bit of grinding! Fortunately I had a lot of supplies on hand to deliver a proper beating. I’ve already left him with parts to make himself even stronger than before, so I imagine the next time I pay him a visit he’ll fully cripple my hands from all the button pressing…

This was another character I missed on my previous playthrough, probably because of the bit of grinding required to finish it and other quests being closer. We had to collect enough parts to reawaken a giant machine lifeform by the name of Engels, who at this stage, seems harmless enough to the point of being bored and wanting you to tell him a story. I’d like to continue this, but I need to start getting my body out of vampire mode, and back into early riser mode for Tuesday.

It was another nice little escape. 🙂