Obligatory E3 Thread

Obligatory E3 Thread

E3 is in session, and already I’ve seen some cool games and concepts that I’m already looking forward to getting my hands on. I’ve decided to compile a list from today’s findings. featuring flashy trailers!

Having played The New Order and Colossus I was filled with extreme hype when I saw them mention Wolfenstein: Youngblood. It features what I’m guessing are the daughters of B.J Blaskowitz, two specifically to represent a coop mode. My only concern being if it’ll be coop only or if it’ll feature a single player campaign like all the other games. I’d also like the idea of a local coop, for playing with someone on the couch. 😛 As another small note I wonder how long it’ll take before someone gets their knickers in a twist over these two characters for having knickers.

Skyrim is one of the most ported games in existence. You can play it on XBox360, PS3, PC Thrice, XBoxOne, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and now Amazon Alexa. No word for how mod support will be rolled out, but I imagine telling Alexa to buy things over Creation Club should be easy peasy.

Available right now for free, some fun looking DLC for Prey that rolls out three new modes: Story Mode, New Game+ Mode, and Survival Mode which looks like it has some elements of Prop Hunt in it. Looks like it could be fun, I’ve been meaning to get back into Prey… Curse my many distractions. :v:

I loved DOOM2016, and when they announced they were going to make a sequel I was pretty hyped. The trailer seems to be set in what I think might be New Jersey. :trollface:

Then there’s Fallout 76. This one I have mixed feelings about; mainly due to the online play. I’m wondering if it will be mainly PvP, or if it will let you just play PvE with friends. They show quite a bit of gameplay, and it does look like fun. But it also looks like it could be a big trollfest if not executed properly.

Then after watching Bethesda’s presentation I ventured to my RSS feeds and found this potential cherry waiting to be plucked:

A new Devil May Cry game, something I’ve been anticipating for awhile now. It follows Dante and Nero, ready to kick all kinds of demon ass with some new friends and even new equipment. I can’t say I like Nero’s Justin Bieber look (I almost mistook him for DmC Dante), but Dante looked pretty swank with facial hair. Though looks aside the gameplay looks like it’ll be hella fun. I can’t wait to fuck some shit up with the mechanical arm.

This is another one I have mixed feelings about. While I had fun playing Tomb Raider, and Rise Of The Tomb Raider, it still didn’t feel like a Tomb Raider game to me… maybe more like Skyrim meets Tomb Raider. They do say though that this will be the game where she becomes the legendary badass heroine she is known the world over for. As usual the graphics do easily impress, and the gameplay looks more or less like the previous two games. I do look forward to it, I just hope for a less whiny Lara this time around. I forgave it in the reboot since this was supposed to be her origin story, but in ROTT there were certain points where it was too annoying for me. Also, Microsoft had better not pull that timed exclusive bullshit again. It didn’t make sense to do that with a game that has been on multiple platforms since the dawn of fucking time. :zorak:

Then of course the lovely Ori is back in Ori and the will of the wisps. Much like its predecessor it features the same graphics with some newer tweaks, and looks to have the same emotional pull as the first game.

Anyone else having fun watching E3?