October is the time for scary stuff, like Windows Updates

October is the time for scary stuff, like Windows Updates

Me watching everyone else install the new Windows 10 updates.

It’s a good thing I have Windows configured to not update immediately to the latest update (and an even better thing that I’ve been maining on Mint); this bug sounds a little pants shitting.

Several early adopters of the Windows 10 1809 update have reported vanishing file problems on Reddit, Twitter and Microsoft’s Community forum.

One poor Windows 10 1809 user, Robert Ziko, claims to have lost 220GB of data after updating.

Bunches of people at a couple tech sites that I read have been saying “This is why you should make backups” and yeah, backups are a good thing to do, but you shouldn’t have to live in fear looking over your shoulder in fear of the grim clippy. Hell, in most cases people don’t know how to configure their systems and will be updated unwillingly, not even giving them a chance to perform a proper backup. Most of the time I can’t trust these people with an HDMI cable, why would I expect them to know how to properly configure Windows 10 to not fuck you over?

Fortunately I have Windows 10 Pro, you can set that up to put off major updates by one year. Plus I’ve been making it a habit to only use Windows for things I either haven’t tested under Linux or haven’t been able to setup properly. Feels good to finally reach that point, it was long overdue.