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Someone made a very good post over at the MOUL forum that I thought I’d share.

kyevan wrote:

To the people who want “Cyan in control”, that’s a bad idea. I mean, then Uru could be taken away again.

To the people who want the guilds in control… do you remember what happened last time they were in control of D’ni? Let me summarize…


My lesson today was, there is good IC, and then there is IC that we ignore for our own personal goals such as running the guilds and telling people how to play with their toys.

I find this to be good information, as I am the head honcho of the Guild Of Guilds. Which is why I can sympathize with people like Alahmhat who want to run their own kingdom. Except as leader of the GOGU, I AM entitled to running everyone’s “kingdom”. All these people made their guilds and are getting whatever they want, therefore I see no problem with telling any of the guilds to report to me on all their activity, give me membership clothing to each group, all chatlogs of their own special meetings, you know… So I can print it out when I run out of toilet paper that I keep at my desk (so I can wipe my face after reading the MOUL forum) and all the other guild things that I should know.

I am the overlord of this community (sorry peeps but I called it), so I should be treated like one by ALL social groups. 😛

>Will wonders ever cease?

Ladies and gentlemen, news has been made.

Man, this really made my day.

Meanwhile, there are people who still want the guilds to remain in control, even though this is OPEN SOURCED. But I guess when you have butt cheeks as ear warmers, it’s really hard to hear little details.

And now we arrive to my favorite part of the post. The part where I do comment commentary!

AdamJohnso wrote:

Eleri wrote:

All I want to know is, will there be a way for Cyan to tell THEIR Uru story? Uru is more than servers and source code.

They’ve tried and failed 3 times.

And then Eleri came back and said:

This is innacurate. Cyan has yet to fail with Uru. The failures have been with Ubisoft, for not taking the game out of beta; GameTap, for not having a clear understanding of the marketing needs for promoting a game like Uru; and the economy, for taking a turn that caused the revenue for MORE to dry up. None of those factors have been in their control, and they’ve had to struggle under the constraints and limitations. Sometimes they stumble and fall, but they, at the least, have always tried, even when their support system has come crashing down.

Exactly. The failure is on the shoulders of everyone else. Just as Adam comes back and points out:

So, let’s blame Ubisoft for making a rational decision–they saw the writing on the wall and jumped ship before they lost money. Let’s also blame GameTap who promoted Uru like no tomorrow! They gave it a chance, saw it wouldn’t work and bailed–like any sensible person would. You completely missed the third failure. Cyan closed UU, the most long-lived publicly available Uru online experience. Cyan is the only constant in these failures, so where should I lay my blame?

I think your statements are the inaccurate ones.

Sure, GameTap promoted Uru for over a year, but that’s not good enough! When they gave it up after a year, they became AntiCyantologysts. And I refuse to deal with anyone who thinks on a plain of reality. it’s too realistic, there’s too much fact and not enough gut. And that’s what I go by.

Well, looks like I’ll have to do something else rather than tell people how to play the game since now it’s open source. Keep an eye out for the GOGU to making it’s debut. 😉

>Open Thread

Hold on everyone.
We are discussing about drastically changing the landscape of MystOnline.
I can’t give any details yet but I promise it will very soon (days)!

Stay tuned! (and be civil out there).

I knew that if I kept my tin foil hat on long enough news would be generated to the rest of the community! The pattern in my bowl of cheerios foretold that Chogon would walk forth and deliver the next installment to the great Cyan Prophecy!

>The new face challenge!

Hello, this is your overlord speaking.

Quite a few of you read my blog (I hope) I am Uru and so can you. And those of you who frequent my blog know what my profile picture looks like:

It’s high time that I go for something new. But being the slackerish overlord that I am, I decided that I want to hold a contest in my own honor!

This is open to anyone. All you need to do is find a picture of me, and photoshop a face over it. That’s it, and then submit it to me on either my blog or at the Slackers Forum. The winner gets to see their winning picture of me being used on my blog. Smile

The contest ends January 1st 12:00am PST. Good luck!

>A thought on the “Is It MORE yet???” thread.

You know… I read awhile back that POTS shards have been running to this day, and that those were the only shards that were given Cyan’s ok after UU was shut down. If all the pictures Vid has been posting turns out to be from some sort of POTS shard, I am going to laugh at the asshats who are having heart attacks over this whole thing.

And in case you’re reading this, I have something that will help you get from thread to thread on the MOUL forum:

>Open Thread

I’ve been quietly watching these two threads unfold.

NOW is the time to find these servers and put a stop to them by what we slackers are infamously known for. But first we’ll need to ask whoever is running this project to import torches into the game so we can burn them down… I’m persuasive so I think it can happen.

I think there are some important clues in that thread.

Until Uru -> Uru Live

To me this looks like Uru level evolution. Which as a pure Uru lover I have to disagree SIMPLY because Until Uru was mentioned.

And then some words of wisdom over at UO.

diafero wrote:
It has technically always been possible to run a UU or Alcugs Shard, and I guess now someone decided to do a screenshot of it

Thank you, I don’t think Dickens said it enough the first time. So thanks for the reminder. Without you I don’t know how we could have ever remembered…

My heart goes out to whoever is doing this though, with there being asshats and all ready to sniff out the people doing this, they may need asshat beaters and moronic aura detectors to assist. I think we could help them if they really need it. Wink

Speaking of that, let me get to some of the fun parts of the Is it MORE yet thread on MOUL.

Murray/Kat wrote:
Cyan have stated they will make an announcement in the near future and what I have seen going on here amounts to common looting. If we do open this can of worms, you can bet it will destroy the future for MORE.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say he knows more about Cyan than Cyan does!

Murray/Kat wrote:
A lot have decided MORE will not be coming, but I think it would be only fair to let Cyan state that for certain. I lived through the UU days which many of you would like to see return, but I also vividly remember seeing the shards dwindle down to almost no one online in a given evening, in fact most of the shards run by anal retentive people closed up.

Improved. Tapestry closed down and so did Alpha Blue Screw. But if you looked at shards like Slackers, DSG and all the other shards that were stacking people on one kagi key, you would find that there were 13 people on close to a daily basis. Even TMP had it’s people in for Sunday gatherings. So yes Murr, you once again prove that opinions are like assholes and you’ve yet to learn how to wipe yourself.

And with every lameduck post, comes a good post.

Whil wrote:
I second Nadnerb’s post, though I would phrase it more respectfully myself. There is nothing anyone has to fear. I am honored and deeply humbled by the hard work of this community. I find myself once again reminded of the tremendous respect I have for this community and for the respect it has shown to the game it loves. I also find myself encouraged that there are still those who love and care for the game as I do, even as others falter and fall. The words patience and charity and selflessness come to mind. This is the best of this community. We are a patient community, but not one which stands still. We are patient like a river carving its way through the wilderness. Like the gathering storm. We are a charitable community and a selfless one as well. We give our time and our money, our sweat and our tears, to a game which has been written off and counted out. And we ask for nothing in return but peace and endless moments, friends at our sides.

I understand and respect Andy and Murray, and I urge others to do the same. Because I know, as they do, that we all wish to see MORE become a reality and I look forward to that day.

The longer we sit in silence, the more people drift away and disappear. It’s not like the old days where we’d occasionally get a new bit of history to mull over, or a word to analyze to hold us over until the mythical “MUDPIE” was ready. We have nothing, and given Cyan’s situation, we shouldn’t expect anything.

The point of this post has always been to show that people still care. That there are still people that are waiting patiently for MORE. And I believe quite a few of us that will still be waiting for it even if an announcement is made stating it’s cancellation. Because at this point, it’s all we have. Hope against the impossible.

People have made a lot of assumptions about the things they’ve seen in this thread. From “It’s the MORE beta!” to “OMG ILLEGAL HAX SHUT HIM DOWN NOW!” and I want to make one thing VERY CLEAR:

I’ve provided a handful of images. What you make of them is entirely up to you.

These pictures were made to give people a reminder of what we’re waiting for. Something to hold onto and think about when everything else so far has been taken away. There will probably be at least one or two more pictures posted at some point.

Maybe people will accept them for what they are.
Or maybe people will say ‘It’s a shop! I can see the pixels!’
Or maybe people will cry ‘Hacks! Hacks You’re killing Uru!’ while completely forgetting that fan hacks kept Uru alive.
Or maybe the moderation team will jump to cancel Christmas, assuming that there’s foul play at work.

I hope that someone finds some hope in this, however, before it’s taken away again, and before I’m silenced in an effort to preserve what we currently have. That is to say, ‘nothing’.

There is lots of good reading material there. But what really caught my eye was mszv’s post.

mszv wrote:
If anyone is here long enough they will find that someone will tell them they aren’t the “right” sort of fan because of what they posted. It happened in the old days of Cyan game fandom and it still happens today, all the time, particularly on this forum. It happens less on Uru Obsession. That’s just how it is. People are not positive enough, people photoshopped an image, people are comparing Uru to other games (supposedly really bad) people are asking what’s up with Cyan (supposedly super super bad), people are saying what they liked about the game or didn’t like, people want a reboot, people don’t want a reboot, people liked the episodes, people didn’t like the episodes, or……something. All of these are perfectly acceptable things to post, if you ask me, but there will be someone on this forum or thinks that you are posting an opinion, and “you should do that”. It’s not that people disgree with the poster’s opinion – that would be fine, even healthy – it’s the odd next step – that you should not post your opinion. also that your opinion is “bad”. Sometimes it’s posted rather, vaguely, as “some people are too…..”, but you get the idea. Sometimes names are named. It happens all the time. Wow – even vidkid – an amazingly positive person – gets negative comments. I guess even vidkid, who posts how much he misses the game, is not that good of a fan!

You know how we go on and on about how great the community is? I always want to jump in and say “well, yes, except some members of the community always think that other members of the community are doing it wrong”. The community is tiny, but I guess it’s just not tiny enough!

I wonder why that is. Are the fans, the players, the enemy, against Cyan? Is this some sort of contest, or, better yet, a quest? You know, I think that’s part of it – wow, I think I’m onto something here! There appears to be the quest for uber game purity, uber fandom going on. It’s like a game – how can you beat out all the other fans and be the very best fan! Wow, kind of a PvP, player versus player, thing going on, on our very forums! And there’s a light and dark alliance!

Fortunately, from what I remember, people were nice in-game.

Did anyone else notice that when Tweek and mszv came in everyone started to calm down? You’d think it was because of their colorful names over there.

>A suggestion.

I’m a simple person, with simple ideals. And I have a suggestion to add to the MOUL forum after reading and pondering.

I saw a couple people complaining at another person for talking about Second Life on a forum that is about MOUL. They couldn’t be more right, which is why I propose banning discussions of any other kind of game, it has to be about MOUL and MOUL only. And by MOUL I mean just MOUL, no offline Uru, no first prologue, no ALCUGS, and obviously not UU.

MOUL is the only thing worthy talking about.

>About me: Part 2

Now I know I made a blog post awhile back called “About me”, but looking back, I don’t think I talked about myself nearly as much as I should have. Hence why I am presenting you with About me: PART II!!!!

A couple years ago it was brought to my attention that if you translated my name into D’ni, you would see “Place of coming” or “Place of gathering” if you will (sorry, the coming part sounds too disgusting). That alone proves that I am the chosen one. And as chosen one I’d better get what I want dammit.

Why, as far as I’ve been able to recall I have been one to gather around. Face it, it makes me, me. Other people are just upset that they don’t have the gift that I possess.

It is my fate, my destiny. To tell everyone how to behave in the community, what to post, what forum to join, who you can and can’t pal around with, what time to go to the bathroom and what you can and cannot eat.

But even then I have to remember, I’m only as darling as my peers cut me out to be. I am a version of myself that I never even knew existed and without various people that part of me never would have woken up to smell the coffee (which for some reason smelled like hazelnuts).

I am Uru and so can you!

>I took the cupcake test.


What Your Cupcake Says About You

At parties, you are energetic and outgoing. You really feel comfortable in a crowd.

You hardly have any restraint. You only hold yourself back when absolutely necessary.

The most important thing in your life is your significant other.

You are dominant, vain, and a bit of a show off. To know you is to worship you.

You heard the cupcake! WORSHIP ME!!!!

>The DorK Diaries.

I would like to start a new thread dedicated to one of our best and most recent posters. DorK has been posting some material that most of you may find to be most enlightening. Since I can’t move all his posts into this thread, feel free to check out one of my old blog posts.


All intelligence that DorK has to share with us will be posted in this thread. And since this blog is simulcasted throughout the community, no one will have to miss out on all the free DorKisms he has to offer!