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>Rumors, Lies and Lake Water

>Rumors, Lies and Lake Water

Banishment from the Mystblogger community. It’s a hard bucket of piss to swallow.

Well, any bucket of piss is hard to swallow, but when it’s from our fellow Cyanophiles it’s especially painful. Kidney-stones-the-size-of-Rand’s-head painful.

But it may be just the kick in the bladder this blog needs to clean up its act.

The Mystblogger community isn’t stupid. They know when there’s a blackhead on the communal butt, and they want to see it squeezed. A cleansing of the community pores, as it were.

And who can blame them? Face it, this blog has become a festering pimple threatening to pop. Time for a giant tube of Clearasil. A deep scrub with Stridex pads.

In the coming days I’ll be posting a plan to cleanse this blog of its old evils. To peel away the scabs of cynicism and lay bare the new, pink skin beneath. To wash the wounds of bitterness in the warm lake water of D’ni.

It is time to rejoin the collective bosom of the Mystblogger community.

We’ve been away from that bosom too long.


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Melon Seed
March 31, 2009 2:25 pm

Yea you tell her Freddy! Get rid of the filth!

GuildMaster Grand Poobah Shogun Comrade Divine Saint Overlord Tomala
Melon Seed
March 31, 2009 9:01 pm

Alright, only if you get rid of yours…