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>Saturday Night Open Thread

>Saturday Night Open Thread

Another normal day passes. At the end of it I bought some gingerbread chai, Indian chai and some tension tamer tea. It’s been getting into the 40’s and 30’s here at night so it’s nice to have some hot beverages. Yesterday I even bought a sugar and cream holder set for my tea pot collection, since I’m still a pot head after all.

On another note, you folks can’t see it. But I have had to delete 3 comments. All by spambots that think I need a bigger penis.

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Chicken Shit
Melon Seed
November 15, 2009 10:16 pm

Hello you worthless piece of shit, I hope you burn in hell for what you've done.

GuildMaster Grand Poobah Emperoress Shogun Divine Saint Pharaoh Comrade Overlord Tomala of the guiding light
Melon Seed
November 15, 2009 10:18 pm

I think you're confusing me with these people.

Tsar Hoikas
Melon Seed
November 17, 2009 7:00 pm

/get a real life