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Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday

The Orange One convinced me to sleep in today. I haven’t been feeling so hot for these last couple of days, woke up feeling sick until this little guy jumped into my bed. 🙂 His purring sent me off to the realm of sleep for a couple hours more, when I awoke in less pain.

We had a nice sunny day with a small breeze, if I felt better I probably would have gone for a walk. As it is I’ve been sipping tea and working on one of my videos, will animate one more thing tomorrow and I’ll finally be able to do an export! Once I wrap it up I’ll probably take a small break from video work to focus on some VM stuff. I want to move the GMod servers over to Arch Linux, and maybe setup a couple of new ones after I get the others back up and running. A couple weekends ago I was talking with one of my friends, and tossed around the idea of trying out running a prop hunt server, and possibly bringing back the Cinema server! That would be rad.

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