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Skyrim Belongs To The Fabulous!

Skyrim Belongs To The Fabulous!

I made it through another grueling week of work and work related depression. The first thing I did yesterday to start my weekend was clean my bedding, which would be my kryptonite come the evening. I slept for about 12 hours, and the worst part was that I got up at 8am and fell back asleep until 10am… I haven’t been getting much rest this past week and I can feel it. I’ve had a lot of freight to lift, especially yesterday… Then of course I did another Skyrim stream:

Unfortunately my restream chat decided to go tits up for me last night, so I could only see Twitch chat but not the YouTube one. I even had the YouTube chat on my tablet to try and read it, but it reloaded itself into a white screen. So to anyone on YouTube I’m sorry that I didn’t see any of your comments until after the stream. I woke up this morning and checked restream and it loads both of my chats now… I swear it did it just to spite me.

Mega Ultra Chicken

A few streams ago I turned a couple slaughter fish and some spiders into chickens, and last night when wandering a couple tombs that I hadn’t been through on this particular playthrough I had chickens randomly attacking me, and again while swimming. I think it might be reusing certain world ID’s for certain NPC’s, meaning there is always a chance that I might be attacked by chicken… and possibly another Mega Ultra Chicken in the future.