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Slackcation Stats

Slackcation Stats

I’ve been laying back a little more than I like, but it wasn’t in my plans to get sick before vacation started… It isn’t COVID or anything deadly (for most people), but I’m contagious and it’s annoying enough that I don’t want anyone else to get what I have. Fortunately I bought plenty of provisions before taking my time off, and I have more than enough to do around the house for entertainment. I chipped away at my New Year’s project, played a little Klonoa, and made a Thumbnail for tomorrow’s YouTube video! Oh, and lots of holiday tea drinking to ward away the cold weathery feeling. It has definitely been curl up with the Steam Deck and hibernate weather.

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Detective Sadist
Melon Seed
November 4, 2022 12:33 am

Feel better soon! 🙂