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St. Pat’s Open Thread

St. Pat’s Open Thread

Hope everyone had a nice St. Pat’s (if you celebrate). I made an Irish Breakfast Bowl with some quinoa, a sunny side up egg, some shrooms and tomatoes and of course some sausage and bacons. It powered me through a nice self care day, you gotta take care of yourself before you can take care of anything else is what I’ve learned over the years. Played a bit more of Tomb Raider before doing a Baldur’s Gate 3 co-op sesh.

With all this rest and self care out of the way I’ll probably do a little reading before I conjure some spells on my tablet. I recently updated the linux kernel on my Surface Pro and now it doesn’t play nice when I send it into Standby mode. Rolling it back to the previous version is easy, but I still need to install the necessary headers so that it functions as a tablet again. I should also look and see if there are any linux distros that have the surface drivers pre-installed. It would be nice after all this time to have the drivers officially added without having to install an additional repo. It is slightly annoying having to update gpg signatures whenever an update is required.

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