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Suddenly Haven Moon

Suddenly Haven Moon

Once upon a time, a slightly younger Overlord purchased an indie game called Haven Moon but didn’t get very far due to ping-ponging between different game universes. You are MYSTeriously teleported to a Moon containing four islands, and you have to figure out how to teleport between them with the equipment located on each island. So far I’ve managed to find four out of the 10 achievements/trophies in the game, which are also a mystery (you can’t see what they are until you solve them).

For being a one guy dev team it has nice visuals, though mouse movement looks a little strange when playing at a higher refresh rate. It isn’t too jarring, but next time I play I’ll have to see if there’s a cfg or ini that I can tweak to make it friendlier on my monitor. The visuals hold up pretty well in 4K, and the soundtrack is as relaxing as the game itself. I wasn’t feeling too good when I got off work today, and wanted to play something a bit more on the peaceful side. I’m not sure when I’ll come back to this one, but I did leave a note for future me so that I hopefully won’t be too confused.

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