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The Longest Journey: My First ScummVM Game!

The Longest Journey: My First ScummVM Game!

Newport, Venice

After playing Dreamfall: The Longest Journey the other night I got to thinking about playing the original before getting any further. If you buy this game it will not run properly out of the box – fortunately ScummVM is a thing. I used the version bundled with RetroArch on my Steam Deck with positive results! I just downloaded the game, located the executable and ran it with the ScummVM core, and bewm… I was pointing and clicking at an old adventure that’s new again, to me at least! 😛

April Ryan paints.

The Longest Journey is an old school point and click puzzle game where you play a young woman named April Ryan; who currently resides in Newport, Venice. She’s studying art, and working at a fancy cafe! At least in the waking world… in the land of dreams it’s a whole other adventure.

Imagine Dragon

Out of the massive collection of games I grew up on as a kid, this one was not among them. It wasn’t until a good friend of mine recommended the series to me years later that I decided to pick it up.

I think I’ll file this under my chill games list, kinda like ending the night with a bit of a bedtime story, y’know?