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The Wild Bluegleam Yonder

The Wild Bluegleam Yonder

Finished a few quests in the Frozen Wilds tonight. Finally got all the materials I needed to trade for a bluegleam map, and have been making my way around the frozen tundra harvesting bluegleam aplenty. It’s a blue machine gem that you can trade for special valuables like weapons and outfits. So far I’ve claimed over 50.

I would of had more screenshots to share, but for whatever reason the screenshot key wouldn’t save anything while I had screenshots set to a custom folder. After disabling the external folder option I was able to take screenshots again. Strange that it still made the camera noise but didn’t take a shot…

I’m thinking of continuing tomorrow to try and finish up the DLC, might even play it on the big screen! Haven’t turned on the TV PC in about a month, maybe enjoy some cinematic adventures during tomorrow’s breakfast. 😀

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