Ruining It For Everyone Else Since 2004
They surround us.

They surround us.

I had a busy day of work, but nothing compares to what I saw as I was leaving.

We close the store at 10:00 every night and it’s very well known. However, we do get the locals that like to milk it for what it’s worth.

This lady was an absolute witch. We already gave people enough notice that the store was closing and she still had to try sweaters on. One of the leads from a different department informed her that the store was closed, totally ignored her and continued to try on clothes. So she kept telling her to hurry to a checkstand “Stop treating me like a dog!” is what she said back. “I’m not, I’m telling you that we are closed. You need to leave NOW”. “This store is too strict…”. Keep in mind she was in the store for 4 hours straight.

Get a fucking life you twat. If you’re shopping for 4 hours in a store at your own leisure and you still haven’t finished shopping, then you might want to get your head checked. The store is open 15 hours a day 7 days a week. If that isn’t enough for you then please, get a hobby and stop using a fucking grocery store as a social club.