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To The Frozen Wilds!

To The Frozen Wilds!

Made it to The Frozen Wilds DLC! Really beautiful mountain area, and plenty more time for me to waste enjoy here! I’ve already gained a few quests that will be keeping me busy for a bit.

The Frozen Wilds are home to The Banuk; one of the many tribes you find throughout HZD. They are a people that treat the machines as if they have their own spirits, and the lands are plagued by a an evil daemon. I have to find a Shaman by walking The Shaman’s Path, but not before completing a couple other side-quests that happen to be in easy reach.

I left off entering an old building, with a puzzle awaiting me when I’m slightly less tired. Tonight I put in a good few hours after a bit of animation.  It’s supposed to be raining tomorrow, might play this some more to keep warm. 😛

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