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What I had for lunch today: Abyss Odyssey with a side of AaAaAA!!!!

What I had for lunch today: Abyss Odyssey with a side of AaAaAA!!!!

I’m going to try something new and talk about games that I play during my lunch breaks at work. On long days I always bring my gaming laptop along to kill my hour lunch. Usually with swords or guns of some kind. 😛


Today I played a hack n slash platformer called Abyss Odyssey. It’s an indie title by ACE Team, the creators of the Zeno Clash games.

It’s a very beautiful game. The music and scenery are calming while you wander around in the abyss. Which is like a giant labyrinth of death with the occasional wise skeleton who imparts his wisdom on you if you pay him 100 gold. 😛

The goal of the game is to get to the bottom of the abyss to kill the sleeping warlock. His dreams become living things, and you are one of the products of his imagination! That would be like if my dreams became reality while I was sleeping… we would all be sooooooo screwed.

Then when I got tired of that I still had a few minutes to kill before heading back. So I started up one of my latest favorite wastes of time:


Made by Dejobaan Games, the same company who made Drunken Robot Pornography, AaAaAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity is what I would call a falling simulator. You collect hugs and kisses, points (which are called teeth) by crashing into certain things and surviving your falls etc etc. It’s a very twisted game. When you don’t feel like falling you can even unlock different forms of meditation among other things…

Regular meditation:

Not so regular meditation:

So, in retrospect I guess I can say that I had a very indie lunch today. 😛 Oh, also I ate actual food. Can’t game on an empty stomach…