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Where’d The Day Go? HZD Edition

Where’d The Day Go? HZD Edition

We had our first cool day in about a week. After the long roast it felt real nice, and it gave me an excuse to play a warm game. 🙂 I didn’t mean to, but I accidentally binge played HZD, which tbf isn’t that hard to do. I cleared all the corrupted zones, cauldrons, Banuk figures in the base game, and I completed all the side-quests in the Frozen Wilds.

Even ran into some friends from the Frozen Wilds when I returned to the base game! I think I’ve earned enough achievements to give this one a little break. The weekend is over, it started with old school Playstation gaming and it ended in modern Playstation. There’s another work week on the horizon (no pun intended) and I think I have enough energy now to work on some different projects, depending on how the weather plays out.

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