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Back To The Calamity

Back To The Calamity

Bastion being welcomed by his sky fam.
When you’re here, you’re family.

Scrolled through my endless list of entertainment and decided to chill with some Bastion on Steam Deck! Apparently I’ve been away long enough that they threw me a small welcome back party!

Something Borked

I was tackling one of the Proving Grounds when it displayed this error. The .Net and Micrsoft XNA framework were enough to clue me in to the fact that it was defaulting to the Windows version, via Proton. Thankfully the native Linux build pulled through perfectly, and I was able to score 1st Place in one of the Proving Grounds.

This one was a real Mother to figure out. You have to destroy all of these targets, and if you want 1st Place you have to destroy all the targets with only 5 arrows. It was a pain in the ass, but eventually I nailed it! Now I’m giving my hand a break after attempting the Smashy Smashy Proving Grounds. I made 3rd and 2nd Place, but I can’t seem to smash 100 objects in under 27 seconds… perhaps if they were all watermelons I’d feel more inspired.