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Keeping Spirits Up

Keeping Spirits Up

Tonight’s Kena session was more therapeutic than I expected it to be. I only did the trials, but after beating up and shooting enough demons I got a cool outfit out of it! So far I’ve only cleared one out of the three requirements for the trial: no healing. Now I just need to finish the trial in under two minutes and clear it with zero damage. I came close on the latter, but failed towards the end when a demon biffed me into the ground.

The evening was better enhanced with proper mood lighting, and a new green cherry blossom tea! For being all natural it has a lovely sweetness. It’s very clean tasting, and a good mix of matcha and loose leaf. When I pour the tea it’s so green that it can even be seen in a black mug. I might have to use it as a base for milk tea some time! I also ordered a black cherry blossom to try on a day when I need the additional caffeine.

Hopefully this all clears my head. Every other night I keep having dreams about being late for work. I really need to get away for awhile.

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