Therapeutic Anti Stress Melon?

Apparently I’ve built a reputation at work. Anytime a watermelon product comes in now random people that range from people I’ve worked with to people I barely know will pull me aside to show me watermelon related collectables. This little one was brought to my attention yesterday, and for about five bucks I decided a lavender scented melon wedge. I’ve never seen watermelon products in the winter… at least locally. Where the seven layers of party dip is this sudden trend of watermelon coming from? I’m still trying to figure out why it’s lavender scented. Then again there were alternative options that I could have purchased which include a cactus, avocado (fuck the avocado, but seriously don’t fuck the avocado) and french fries which carry the same scent of flowers.

I might try microwaving it a bit tonight before bed. The scent alone lulled me to sleep last night upon going horizontal, either that or the entire two hours of sleep I had before going to work at 3 AM to work may have had a slight influence.

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Melon Seed
November 13, 2020 8:54 pm

It’s like a catnip bag for your dreams   :melon: